Friday, March 29, 2013

Outraged Jammers

Today Jammers got a letter from Animal Jam saying it would go offline for a couple of minutes or so. Many jammers were outraged and protested by hopping in the air! So were worried Animal Jam was closing forever..however ANIMAL JAM IS NOT CLOSING! We have many more adventures to come, so do not be alarmed! Anyway why would they close when we reached 10 million jammers!?! Again, Animal Jam is NOT closing! Have fun and happy jamming!!!


  1. i know this was a while ago o,o but i hate it when that happens l:(

  2. New update: Animal jam is ACTUALLY closing in 2016. Make the most of it! Due to hacking and scamming (which give children bad dreams and lack of good education of how to be respectful), Smart-bomb got threats from parents and angry reviewers. They set it up to close in 2016 in apology.



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