Thursday, March 28, 2013

Millions of Jammers

There are 10 million jammers in Jamaa..with that comes a code: 10million you will get a cool banner!!
There are a lot of new things and updates in this Jamaa Journal today!!!!
The Easter Egg hunt is on! Go around and find 8, you will get a cool prize!!! April's monthly membership gift is cool spirit armor!!!!!
DOUBLE GEMS ON EVERYTHING!! That is awesome...AJHQ has done this once before too! I suggest playing falling will get the most gems!!

April Fools Party is coming again!!! And think funny! Graham the monkey wants some jokes!!
I am very very sad to say koalas are leaving Jamaa! However it sounds to me that its just for a while..grab your koala while you can!!! On the bright side, a NEW LANDis finally coming..I remember when Appondale was the new land! :)
That is probably what this means...New land!
Today's new item is a wooden land surf board! Have fun catching waves!!!
The Daily Explorer posted some awesome jammer art! To see more go to their blog....have fun and happy jamming!!!!

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