Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunken Cosmo

Jamaa News________________

Hi Jammers!
The New item in the Sunken Treasures shop is a Sunken Cosmo Tiki Statue...
It is just as good as Liza's Statue! I wonder how they sunk.. Maybe they used to be in Crystal Sands.
The Sarepia Theater has released a new video....
The Daily Explorer posted an article about the Rare Item Monday....
On this Rare Item Monday we present to you this Rare Glove. As as a special for this item, you may choose the cold! Gloves were first used commonly in ancient Egypt. They were worn by the Pharaohs to show their high position. In the Middle Ages, it was a custom to eat with special gloves that only covered the fingers. Full gloves were also used by shepherds and peasants for protection when working. There were also leather gloves without fingers used for hunting with a bow and arrow. There were also gloves made of metal rings used for fighting called gauntlets.

Discover Day________________

Comment Call: Comment the location of the image above for a chance to win a prize!

Sky News________________

The Blu Photo of the Week is below...
Graham's Gems
To see Blu's full gallery of photos click here!

The Jammer of the Month and Pet of the Month Sign-Ups are over!
Winners will be announced May 1, 2014.
Have fun and happy jamming!!


  1. First comment anyway why is Cosmo spelled wrong it says costmo and those flowers I think are in the shop in kimbara outback

    1. I wasn't on yesterday so i didn't get a glove could someone trade me one please? ~3berrygirl~

  2. 3rd!
    Cosmo looks like he's in pain .-.
    Oh yeah it say costmo!
    Ooh I wonder who jammer and pet of the month is!

  3. I think the flowers are in one of these places: (I can't go in AJ :|)
    -Chamber of Knowledge
    -Kimbara Outback Imports
    -Coral Canyons Art Studio

  4. That's a hard one Scooter! I know it! Jam mart clothing at the top level.
    Papyjam; nonmember
    We meet often enough if you give me a prize!

  5. Oh! You never gave me the prize for winning the egg hunt! Next party or time we meet you can trade the prize for a collar I guess!

    1. I remember, you didn't comment on the art page the egg was hidden on, you commented on the AJ sky blog post. D: You had to comment on the art page, I made the same mistake :l

    2. What was the easter prize?

    3. Ya, papyjam you didn't win. You were supposed to comment on the Art Mini Blog where the egg was hidden. It says that in the post. Sorry!


  6. Can someone trade me a rare gold glove sometime? I missed it. It was too expensive for me Message me a time if you are willing, i might have something worth having... -uiouio100

  7. The flowers are in Jam mart clothing


  8. the flowers are in top of jam mar clothing


  9. Jam mart clothing

  10. Has anyone noticed that it says costmo? I guess ajhq forgot how to spell cosmo. XD
    Live laugh and love huskies

    1. Yes it's in the first and second comment.
      Have u seen a baby huskies

    2. Yea i have a husky puppy
      Live laugh and love huskies

  11. O O O The picture is from Jam mart clothing! That one was hard.

  12. The flowers can be found in the Jam Mart clothing shop. The flowers are just to the left of the entrance next to a picture frame and a Zios statue.


  13. The Daily News Bulletin

    Outraged jammers threat to leave
    AJ for the beta come back rare
    item yesterday! The hard mode
    on return of the phantoms has
    been changed! The keys and
    corks are hidden in strange


  14. I KNOW that the Discovery Day is in Jam Mart Clothing. They are located near the entrance near the door. Just spot a tiny picture frame and the flowers are there!


  15. The Discovery Day is in Jam Mart Clothing I just checked.


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