Sunday, April 6, 2014

Picket Fence

Hey Jammers!
The Jam Mart Furniture Store has released a totally new item, Picket Fences...
O.O I absolutely love this item! There are so many opportunities you could make now! You could make a better Zoo, Pet House, Real House, Pool, Backyard, Mazes, Walls, etc.
The Sarepia Theater has released a new video....

The Daily Explorer posted an article about Pet Eagles....
Did you now depending on the eagle the items change colors at the Pet Stop? 
Example: An Orange Pet Eagle can have a cracked brown egg.
A Blue Pet Eagle can have a polka-dot blue egg.

This week in Jamaa's History 2 years ago.....
Pet Bunnies came to Jamaa!
Pet Den items were now available in Claws n' Paws!
Hot Cocoa Machine was the Monthly Membership gift!

The 200,000 Views Bird's Only Party went great yesterday....
Dressing up as our favorite colors!
Dressing up as phantoms!
We had fun playing games, eating, trading, talking, dancing, and much more!

The new Blu issue has arrived....
Click above to see the new comic issue!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: What is your favorite pet?


  1. My favorate pet is the pet eagle, he is so cute! This is my first time being first! I was at the party Scooter! It was awsome! Do you see the seal with the ninja emoticon at the bottom? That was me! So was the pink seal at the bottom of the solid color picture! You are a great host! I can't wait for the fence to put in my den! Bye!

    1. Hi Scooter! i wasn't at the party :C Come to think of it i wasn't at ANY of the party's
      D: Its me 3berrygirl. I want to ask you something. I don't mean to be rude but why do you call yourself scooter? Oh and my favorite pet is the pet eagle!

    2. Hi 3berrygirl, I call myself Scooter because it was the name of my first Animal Jam animal. It is kind of a silly name, but I like it and I stuck with it ever since ^-^


    3. Scooter, can you tell me how old you are? I am papyjam, you met me today! We are buddies remember? We met in Sol Arcade! Thanks you!

    4. Hi papyjam! Sorry, but I am not going to reveal my age due to security issues and blah, blah XD Anyway, I will say I am a teenager!


  2. But... There were no birds, just land animals D:

  3. My favorite pets are owls! I love owls, so that's why. :) I also like their flying animation, it looks really cool.

  4. The item is a little too refined and human for me...

  5. My favorite pet is the pet owl


  6. My favorite pet is the cat or the tiger. In sea animal form I like the seahorse.

  7. my favorite is the raccon pet and seahorse it is so adorable!

  8. Oh and Scooter can you buddy me?
    I wanted to tell you that i have a plushie palace at my den!
    it may seen silly for a non-member though. the monkeys and rhino's on the fence are the evil Zoltron (he's the black monkey with red eyes) and Dr Crambo (its the only name i could come up with for the other monkey) and Charge the evil rhino. The elephant with the big tusks is Tusker the royal guard the wolf with the lightning bolt is... Bolt another guard.
    the tiget on the other side is Claws and the deer in a box is named Bocks.
    And the koala on the sled is Dash the messenger. The pirate panda is Hook. And the koala beside him is Moe. And the panda with the glasses is GG.
    The white raccoon is Lila (lie-LA) robins true love! btw robin is the raccoon in the middle of the forest (outside) and the red panda beside him is little Ben. the queen seal is queen Mary. and her son (the blue seal) is William. and the two penguins by the phantoms are Oliver and Olivia. and the deer plushies on the three beds are kola Kayla and Cooper the servants. the three little foxes are biscuit boots and silver. and the pink koala is cupcake.
    And the guards of the golden egg are Leo and Coal are the lions
    the arctic wolf is Elsa (because her icy color) the leopard is Lilly
    the kangaroo is Joey.
    and the eagle is Talon.
    and the garden quartet are.... Limey the green penguin (he's ashamed of his name)
    and Leon! (really lemon but he calls himself Leon)
    and pumpkin!
    and last (and least) strawberry!

    if you go back to the forest the monkey up there is Azul (that is blue in Spanish)

    1. Nice Plushies, and yes, I did read it!
      P.S. I don't have anymore buddy slots sorry!


  9. You think Scooter will read all that? Um, think about it...

  10. hmm he might but it will be boring


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