Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Drum Roll Please..

Jamaa News________________

Hello Jammers! The New Item in the Sunken Treasures Shop is an Underwater Drum Set....
When you click the set, bubble music notes come out and the instruments shake. I give this item a thumbs up ^o^
Original Color: Green shell with Pink Tubes
The Daily Explorer posted an article about Creature Feature.....
Tierney Thys talks to us about the ‘bat ray’ from her indoor touch pool. Rays are more closely related to sharks than to fish. Like sharks they don’t have any bones, and their skeleton is made of cartilage. Bat rays prefer the warm shallow waters of the North American Pacific Coast, but are different species of rays are found through out the world’s warm ocean shores. The bat is a small ray coming in at about a six foot fin span and about 200 pounds. The largest of the rays is the manta. These guys have can have a 24 foot fin span and weigh 3000 pounds!! Rays will live about 25 years in the wild and over 50 in captivity. Have you played the Touch Pool mini-game in Tierney’s Aquarium?

Epic Sky Den________________

The Epic Sky Den this week is blurmercer03 for their idea of a Pet Palooza!
You have been added to the Epic Sky Den Hall of Fame, Congrats!

Sky News________________

Here is the 15th edition of the Skymail videos.....
Thanks for sending in all those donations and questions!!
Today's Sky Egg Hunt Egg is.....
The Pink Egg!
AJpaleggs won yesterday's Discover Day! Congrats!
Have fun and happy jamming!!

Comment Call: Update day tomorrow! Are you excited? 
What do you think will be in it?


  1. Hint~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Unscramble this code:

    When you get the clue/hint don't reveal the answer!!
    Make it fun for everyone :)
    Good Luck!


  2. Search fir greely hard mode and maybe a eagle adventure PLEASE AJ PLEASE!!!


  3. I told where discover was first according to my calculations.

  4. I'm on anonymous because i'm on a new computer if your wondering...
    Anyway about my Blu the monkey comment.. How do you take pictures of blu?

    1. Oh, I just set him where I want him, and hit the Prt. Sc. (Print Screen) button. That just copies the screen. From there I paste it to paint and save it to my photos :) I hope I answered your question!


  5. Great post!

    I am having a contest on my blog, be sure to check it out!

  6. Nope, the hint busted me. I still cant find it.

    1. I will give you another hint:

      B_ _ _he _onk_y


  7. Uhhhh, can you check out my den? Im a nm so its not as epic as members but i think its ok. Oh, great. My den is locked. Ill unlock it tomarrow. But plz tell me if its an ok den. Btw, my buddy was scammed so i sent her my rare. She replied by mail back "OMG OMG!!!!!! THX!!!!"

  8. Scooter? I was in the end of the sky mail-Papyjam-The Christmas panda...
    Which is rarer? The rare raspberry bow or the headdress? (non rare)

  9. Hey not sure if you ever noticed I am just going to show you (I don't have an email so here is the link) Thanks ~Doogal
    If you still don't understand comment or look at it more closely

  10. I still cant figure out where the egg is!

  11. The code unscramble was super easy, I did it in my head and I'm half asleep x3


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