Saturday, October 3, 2015

Memory Lane

Hi Jammers! Scooter is back for this one time post! ^-^

How has everyone been?! I have't visited Jamaa in a long time, and when I recently logged into my account, a lot of things have changed.

Animal is almost getting... well how do I put this... kiddish? Like, I know it is a kids game, but everything seems more kiddish.

For instance, instead of the old days where you had to run and explore Jamaa to find a game, now you just click the game button at the top and start playing. 

I liked the olden days of Jamaa, when the Alphas were cool, mysterious beings, and not, umm, this..
I liked when more people had to make creative dens with stores, and fashion shows.
I like when the animals were normal sizes *cough* Lynx *cough*
I liked when there were new lands always coming soon.
I liked when the new animals were cool, unlike the llamas. Seriously, we have llamas before zebras..
I liked when you had just enough inventory spots for your great items, now with adventures there are so many items out there that there aren't enough spots.
I liked when nonmember and members were treated the same, and the Diamond shop wasn't the source of every new item in the Jamaa Journals.
I liked the old Animal Jam.

Anyway, that was kind of a rant, but can you relate to my points?

It has been over a year now that I have left this blog. This blog was great, it literally made me laugh, cry, and all the in-between. 
I know that we all miss our friend Blu the Monkey...
But he is doing just fine. You can visit my crowded den to see some of his pals.
I miss the Animal Jam Sky Blog too, but unfortunately I am still not coming back.
It was fun while it lasted.
Remember the Jammer and Pet of the Month?
Remember the Night of the Phantom Fashion Shows?
Remember the Journey of the Wolves movies?
Remember the Easter Egg Blog hunts?
Remember how each month I would make a new wallpaper for the blog?
Remember the giveaways?
Remember the Blu the Monkey posts?
Remember the Jamaa Journal countdowns?
Remember the Contests?
Remember this week in Jamaa's History?
Remember the fun?
Ya... me too ^-^

Below are some of my favorite posts:

To see my Final Post article click the link.

Don't worry, you can keep the fun going by exploring the Animal Jam Sky Blog! Look at the Beta page, the Sky dictionary, read some Blu the Monkey comics, see the Jammer of the Month hall of fame, and much more! Enjoy and goodbye jammers! 

Have fun and happy jamming!


  1. Hi Scooter! Gosh, it's been a long time, hasn't it? I also don't really agree with the way it all looks now, it is getting quite childish in many, many ways and we're all fed up of every. Single. Animal. Being put in the Diamond Shop (or overpriced shop as many people call it). I'm turning thirteen this month and I only visit the world of Jamaa around once a month, which is a shame as I have spent over two years in Jamaa.


  2. Long time no see! Unfortunately I cannot log into my Animal Jam account anymore for some reason I type in my username (pandaheanrn) and password and it says: Sorry we cannot find account with that username?? but I typed it in right..

  3. I'm so glad you have came back for a visit. I was starting to think about this blog and you the other day:)

  4. I almost- Okay I AM crying after seeing this. :)

  5. Hey Scooter! Glad you came back for a quick post! How's life been?

    Also, yes, I can kinda relate to this post. Animal Jam has changed drastically, and I really miss the nostalgic times of old Animal Jam. Especially thinking about the Jamaalidays of 2011 and 2012 really get me. Playing with those friends, decorating my den like it was a simple home getting reading for Christmas, and just... Gah. It really pains me to think of the nostalgia and how I can never recreate that.

    Either way, I'm really glad you paid us all a quick visit, it's good seeing you again!
    This is still my all-time favourite blog, even if you pretty much quit posting.

  6. I agree with you but it is sad to see you go.

  7. Well, I'll tell ya something. I really was partying when I read your post. It made me laugh, giggle, and all that between. As for the ugly monkey Blu, I was really actually dancing when that awful THING ended. You should stop playing AJ for good, and not post every no and then for a some suck-up jammers to come and pity yo face.


    ~ Scooter HATER

    1. Actually, that is not all true......

      I guess ur not that bad.. It just kinda annoying how you do that stuff. Plus, expect haters if ur gonna have a blog. But, whatevs...... kinda sorry..... random stuff.....

    2. How dare you? Scooter is a very nice person with a wonderful blog, and he is admired and remembered by many people, whether he still posts or not. You have no right to go around saying nasty things to people you have never met in person. And if you hate Scooter and this blog so much, why do you read it?

      One last thing: "How do you want to be remembered?"

  8. Look dude. I used to like you. Until I realized that you copied off of people for popularity. And then you decided to make a stupid post to make people pity you to make you feel better.

    You're a sore loser.

    And also, Blu was a total Gerry-Stew. He could do NOTHING wrong.

    I'm HAPPY it stopped.

    ~Scooter Sucks.


      That's just.. Sad.

      ~Scooter Sucks.

    2. And not to mention, I even gave you the info on the Jammer Guide or whatever it was called. And you acted like you found out about it by yourself. At least Snowyclaw credited me for the info. But you didn't. -.-

      ~Scooter Sucks.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hey this is Scooter! ^-^
    I am thinking about deleting the blog, or do you think that I should just keep it on here?

    --Scooter Jammer

    1. No! Keep it please! When I get on it, it brings back happy times!

    2. Don't delete it, please! I love this, I remember all the great times we had here. If you don't remember me, it's me, paws00001 :D

    3. No scooter I really love your blog,please buddy me too n animal jam it's Midnightrose00,thx!!

  10. hello! i'm glad you're back. sorry to say, i've been visiting your site only for music like a gamecube for a footstool. but still, i really want that music now.

    i really, really, do. AJ music is too good to leave.
    especially jam session which is overpowered for working.
    hope ya may come back. maybe add in another game you're interested? roblox is fun. just a suggestion. not forcing. just don't want this site to become a perma-footstool.

    ~Mitz, retired from AJ. but still views this blog.

  11. I totally agree with everything! I miss when my friends and I got on it all the time. Now, everything is different. I used to get on Animal Jam and your blog every day even if i barely had any time. Now, I get on it maybe once a month. I ALMOST FORGOT THE BLOG NAME! That really upsets me because this is my all-time favorite blog... that is until you decided not to participate in it. Im happy for you, Scooter. Everyone gets to that stage in their life when they don't have enough time for "childish" things like Animal Jam. Thanks for making my Animal Jam experience the best ever Scooter!!!


  12. In my opinion I liked animal jam most around 2011-2012 and its nice to see you came for a visit :) tell Blu I said hi
    -tig47498 (tiggy)

  13. I have played Animal Jam since 2009. I loved it. I miss playing with my friends for hours, learning facts about nature, not having to look at weird lynxes, and not having to hear everybody talk about spikes, rares, and "betas". Now the buddy list is a trader list, nobody can be a nonmember and really have fun, and all my friends have left. I can never recreate the fun memories I had playing with them now.

    1. I miss the old animal jam. I joined in 2012. There was only a couple traders, no MEMBERSHIPS. The AJ youtube viideos were actually GOOD, no hackers scammers or roleplayers. Now its all, "JOIN THE CLUB TTO CHANGE YOUR ANIMALS LOOK! BUY A MEMBERSHIP TO BUY EVERY GOOD LOOKING ITEM IN THE SHOP! AJHQ: HEY JAMMERS! NOW, YOU CAN ACTUALLY BUY THESE BIG AND BULKY AND UNCREATIVE ANIMALS IF YOU HAVE, you wouldn't believe, MEMBERSHIP!

      I miss the old days of animal jam.

    2. Lol this is true. I'm a non-member and it really sucks with how everyone gets treated

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  16. If you miss this blog you could go to mine.

    I hate to advertise my blog on an ending blogs last post but...
    you could always check it out there?

  17. Scooter! So great to see you again. You probably don't remember me (I used to be RainbowCat1), but maybe! We used to hang out all the time. Although, it has been forever, it seems like just yesterday. I do miss the old Animal Jam. I don't really like the games bar, and some of those things. I did really like the old Animal Jam better. They are some good improvements though, I suppose. :) I hope you are having a good like Scooter!

    Best regards!

  18. well wow. your right.. Its been a long time Scooter :( You probably wont see this because your moving on but... I hope you do. And I agree But I still Love the game

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  20. I miss you scooter :( Remember me? I AM andrewj04.... I was your first or last jammer of the month...... I cant believe your never coming back..... stay happy and safe -Now misterfrizzy-

  21. Scooter. It's me mythicalspiritwolf1 on my new gmail account. It's been 2 years since you quit blogging officially. I miss you. I think I came here last year and left a message, but it didn't go through due to stuff or it went, I don't remember well, but this day is what I remember... I miss you scooter. I miss you alot. Blu the Monkey and your fun posts. Ah, the memories.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I might be.. read the newest post



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